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  • AllSkills

AllSkills is a platform that looks to bring creativity, sustainable growth, and increased competition to the talent world. Our platform provides an opportunity to witness people of all skills showcasing their talents and competing against others all while earning benefits through our carefully crafted token based Vote and Challenge system and NFT marketplace.

What We Provide


Skills Competition

Creators challenge others to a 1on1 using a video showcasing their talents. Users vote using our stablecoin $VOTE tokens for the video they like most and the winning video has a chance to be minted as an NFT. Both creators and voters share in the success.


Earnings & Rewards

Creators earn $VOTE tokens for winning challenges which can be easily exchanged into various currencies. Successful voters are rewarded with $SKILL tokens to be used in our app and on our Marketplace.


GM Mode

Don’t have a skill but still want to compete and earn $VOTE tokens? Then GM Mode is for you. Users with at least 3 NFTs of winning challenge videos in their collection will unlock GM Mode. In GM Mode, users can participate in challenges using NFTs and level them up to unlock additional rewards.


Ambassador Program

Try and out-perform your favourite pros and earn prizes doing it. Every week top athletes from different domains submit a challenge to the community to try and replicate one of their iconic moves. Submit your best attempt to get entered into a raffle and earn prizes.

AllSkills uses future-proof blockchain & smart contract technology to connect talented people & audiences, and foster skill development through competition all while providing incentives for everyone involved.

Challenge System

Edit videos

Users will get to chose from a variety of song clips to add to their videos

Users will have access to a number of filters to put over their videos

A number of video effects will be available to enhance the quality of the users videos.

To add a unique touch to your trickshots, add a GIF for a built-in reaction to the users skills.

To cut and crop their videos, users are invited to use the trimming feature.

Take videos showcasing your skills

No matter if your skill is athletic, artistic, musical, strategic, incredibly precise, or even one-of-a-kind, we want to see it. Set your camera up to capture your finest moment and use our custom editing features to make it stand out even more.

Upload videos

Users will have the option to save their video to their camera roll.

Choose a unique name for your trickshot.

By adding SkillsTags to each video, users will be able to increase their reach and voting results.

Users will be able to use this area to search for or create their own SkillsTags for their video.

A total of 6 SkillsTags will be listed and added to each video.

Put videos up for Challenge

After you’re satisfied with your video, it’s time to put it up for Challenge. Winning a challenge round is how your video becomes eligible for minting. Choose between putting your video up for Open Challenge or directly challenging another video or user. Rounds last 72h.

Users vote for winner

Users will see freezeframe of the 2 videos and they can tap on the Play button to watch each video.

Users vote to determine winner

Once the challenge starts, the control is now in the voters hands. Users can use Vote tokens to show their support and become part of the journey. Once the challenge is complete, the video with the most votes is declared the winner and has the opportunity to be minted as an NFT.


Earn money from voting and winning challenges

Get rewarded for showing off your skills. The creator of the winning video will receive between 1-25% of all vote tokens cast during the challenge while the voters that voted for it get rewarded in SKILL tokens. The creators cut changes based on how close the vote is. Closer vote count = bigger cut.

ALLSKILLS Token System

$VOTE Token

Stable value

Stablecoin for all skills

Whether buying them to cast votes, or cashing out your hard-earned rewards, $VOTE tokens are guaranteed to be always worth $0.10 each.

Vote Vote

Cast your vote

Use $VOTE tokens to show your support and vote for the challenge videos you love. Vote for the winner and you'll get to share in their success.

Earnings Earnings

Earn by winning

Challenge winners earn a portion of all $VOTE tokens cast during the challenge, making it easier than ever to monetize your skills.

1 $Vote ≈ $0.10

Vote Token

$SKILL Token

Stake Stake

Earn through voting

Use a keen eye and vote in our Challenge system to collect $SKILL tokens. Voting for the winner of a challenge will earn you $SKILL tokens.

Royalties Royalties

Collect Community Content

Spend your $SKILL tokens on community content featured in our Marketplace like video filters, sound effects, Mint Tokens, and NFTs to use in GM Mode.

Replenish Replenish

Platform Utility Token

Posting a new challenge? Taking a shot at the Ambassador challenge? Selling on our Marketplace? Use $SKILL tokens and pay tiny gas fees.


Coming soon

NFT card
  • All challenge wins that end in the daily top 10% of votes received get minted.

  • To guarantee your wins get minted, purchase a Mint Token on our Marketplace or

  • Level up by winning challenges and unlock exclusive benefits like NFT minting for all your challenge wins.

  • Sell your NFTs on our Marketplace for a quick payout or save them for GM Mode to continue earning $VOTE tokens.

Your NFTs are safely stored using decentralized cloud storage providers combined with the IPFS, and backed up forever using a “collectively owned hard drive that never forgets”, called arweave.

GM Mode

GM Mode
  • Build up a collection of amazing content and unlock GM Mode once you own at least 3 NFTs.

  • Save your own NFTs or collect NFTs of talented creators on our marketplace using $SKILL tokens earned from voting.

  • Challenge other GMs to a 1on1 to earn $VOTE tokens and level up your NFTs.

  • Each level your NFT goes up increases the base cut you receive for winning.

Ambassador Challenge

Compete in new Ambassador Challenges every week hosted by different athletes

Chance to win an NFT of Ambassador's Challenge video + additional prizes.

Stay tuned for more details.


10,000,000,000 $Skills Tokens

With a max supply of 10,000,000,000 our $Skills token will be used for voting on how you think AllSkills should operate, getting access to our beta and early access to new features, entering raffles to earn exclusive prizes, staking to earn $Vote tokens, and paying gas fees.

$Skills Token
  • Team 10%
  • Advisors & Partners 10%
  • Private Sale 15%
  • Public Sale 20%
  • Liquidity Pool 15%
  • Foundation 30%
The presale is scheduled to take place a week before the launch of our beta. Beta access will be granted to users with $Skills tokens in their wallet. The public sale of the $Skills token is scheduled for 1 month after the release of our beta.

The Team


Noah GorenCo-Founder


François SammutCo-Founder


Christopher ThompsonCo-Founder


Elizabeth ThompsonCo-Founder


Charles HamelinCo-Founder



VantageSportsManagement MontrealAllianceBasketball Charly Iacono ReplayNow

We're always open to working with exceptional talents and organizations. Reach out if you're interested in being a Partner, Ambassador, or helping us build and grow AllSkills.